California's Smog creates $193 Million Healthcare Bill

RAND - a non profit research group dedicated to public policy issues says that the air pollution in California is causing over $193 million in hospital based medical care each year. The medical costs are mostly related to respiratory illnesses such as asthma and pneumonia. Over two thirds of the costs are covered by government run medical programs like Medicare and Medi-Cal.
As future lawyers, what can we do about this problem?  Can we effect legislation?  Lobby for better regulation dealing with smog pollution?  Help eco-entrepreneurs get greener products on the market?  Or are we just left to pick up the pieces for those who have been injured due to air pollution? There are so many different contributors and factors to smog that it is hard to pinpoint an single resolution to the problem.  How else do you think we, as future lawyers, can positively contribute to reducing the impact of smog and other air pollutants?