Katrina Survivors Attempt to Sue Carbon Emitting Corporations

A group of Mississippi residents are trying to sue large carbon emitting corporations such as Exxon, Shell, Chevron, as well as other. 
The plaintiffs claim these companies had a responsibility to void endangering environmental and human health, as well as personal property and public property.

Keep in mind some issues while reading the article. Do the plaintiffs have proper standing against the defendants in whom they are trying seek relief from?  How can the plaintiffs prove that these corporation had a hand in creating or making hurricane Katrina worse then what it would have been had the corporations not emitted so much carbon? If the court sides with the victims, how will the judge equitably apportion the percentage of damage each corporation is responsible for and apportion its individual contribution to the damages that hurricane Katrina caused, especially when there are so many unnamed defendants who could also be named as contributors to the carbon problem?  

Do the Mississippi Plaintiffs have a strong case?

Is this a good way to push the legislature to enact climate legislation?

What are the arguments from both side?