The United States PV Market: Project Economics, Policy, Demand, and Strategy Through 2013

I recently read this very interesting article discussing the increase demand for Photovoltaics (PV) in the US. PV's are the cells that collect solar energy and convert it into direct current electricity. The article goes on to explain how regulatory incentives, stimulus funding, and falling system prices have all impacted the escalating market for PV's. In addition, each state has been targeted as individual markets based on utility. Different kinds of incentives, regulations, and prices for PV technologies have been introduced to each state based on suiting the states economic and social markets, and environmental needs.

When approaching the US market, PV companies must study the market to which it is entering on a state by state basis. To read a report that analyzes the different market approaches, competitive analysis's, trends, profiles, and incentives in this field pleas follow this link: http://www.gtmresearch.com/report/the-united-states-pv-market-project-economics-policy-demand-and-strategy

Do you think this is a good approach to increasing the demand for PV's in the US?
In my opinion, I think that this market strategy is top notch. The US is made up of an amalgamation of 50 states with incredibly different environments. By incentivizing and regulating each state individually there is a larger possibility that the systems will be given a chance to work and grow within the bounds of regulation and simultaneously be based on the needs of each state.

Am I be too optimistic? What do you think?