Coke's New Eco-Friendly Bottle Re-Design

Coke has redefined the shape and shipment method of its plastic bottles. This has "green-a-fied" the product by cutting down on waste and making shipping more efficient. The plastic beverage has changed its shape from round to square, making the packing of the bottles in shipping containers more space effective, thus lowering emissions in shipments.

For those of you can read French follow this link for more information about the designer and Coca Cola's new approach to the eco-market; http://www.trendsnow.net/2010/04/eco-coke-bottle-design.html 

For those of you who don't speak or read french, the above link has links to English explanations of the redesign using images, graphs, and charts.

Do you think this will make a difference in peoples perception of the brand? Do you think that this will actually lower carbon emissions or will the public ignore the "call to recycle"?

Is the shipment method really going to lower the companies emissions or will Coca Cola continue to ship more of its product using the money saved from its "more effective shipping methods" to export more product?

What do you think?