Columbia University's Climate Center and Events

Columbia University, within its Earth Institute, has a Climate Center. The Climate Center seeks to:

"... improve humankind's capacity to understand, predict, and respond to climate variability and change within a multidisciplinary approach to sustainable development. By integrating basic and applied research in climate science, engineering, public health, economics, social science and political science conducted throughout Columbia University, the Center will develop strategies for adaptation to and mitigation of climate change, while communicating the science and impacts of climate change to society and providing policy analysis and advising to stakeholders and decision makers."
They have some great events coming up and their calendar can be accessed here: http://climate.columbia.edu/?id=events 
and for your convenience I have also posted their events on our calendar which can be accessed through the link on the top of the page or here: http://nylsels.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html