The MTA Wants to Raise Your Monthly Metrocard Price (or limit the number of rides/month)

The MTA has been holding a series of public hearings regarding their proposed fare hikes for 2011. Several students from New York Law School will be attending next Tuesday's (9/21) public hearing at the Brooklyn Museum (begins at 6pm). Enough is enough MTA!

The truth is that anyone who uses the monthly Metrocard will be impacted by these fare increases. The MTA's two proposals for monthly Metrocards are: (a) raise the price of the current Unlimited Metrocard to $104 or (b) raise the price of the monthly Metrocard price to $99 and impose a 90-trip cap.

As a law-student, part-time employee and volunteer, I am not happy about either of these options. Like many graduate and law students, I am strapped for cash and need to take the subway to get around. Cabs are expensive in this City.

Also, on any given month, I swipe at least 100 times. Any cap on the number of rides I take per month would substantially impact me, forcing me to either not go to work or find alternative ways to get around (ie: jumping the turnstile, riding a bike, riding a donkey, etc.)

I'm seriously considering buying a bike and holding onto my $100/month. The MTA has lost its mind.

If you would like to join us, meet us in the basement of the C building of New York Law School (47 Worth Street) on Tuesday September 21st. We're leaving for the Brooklyn Museum hearing around 5pm.

Enough is enough!

-Jose Almanzar
NYLS, JD candidate (exp. 2011)