Paterson Sacks DEC Head Grannis

This is going to get real interesting real fast.  On Tuesday, the Times-Union reported on a leaked DEC memo that set out the dire consequences of laying off more than 200 agency employees.  On Thursday, DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis was fired by Gov. Paterson for “poor performance and insubordination.”

”Here I am being called on the carpet for doing what we were supposed to do, for being asked to tell the administration what the cuts they want meant,” Grannis said. “Apparently facts don’t sit well with this administration.”
Grannis protested that the memo was not leaked with his knowledge, and left two telephone messages with Paterson, one Wednesday evening and another Thursday morning, seeking a chance to make his case. “Larry Schwartz said the governor would not talk to me,” Grannis said.
Read the full article for details of the increasingly heated exchange between Grannis and Paterson aide he has called a “hatchet man” and a “thug".


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