NYC looking at sewage treatment as source of renewable energy

I think it's incredible that New York City is thinking of more ways to make money out of our wastewater treatment by-products. This type of local innovation that helps the country take bigger strides towards clean(er)* energy.

Think about what's going on here: NYC collects all of our wastewater (via combined sewer and storm water system); filters out the organic material; cleans the water before sending it into the environment; and
will now be selling energy (in the form of natural gas) in the open-market.

"Through a partnership with National Grid that is already in the works, officials said, the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn is expected to add enough methane gas to the city’s natural gas network next year to heat 2,500 homes." 

It's not like the City is new to this industry; it already sells "biosolids,"the end-product of dried sewer sludge, in the open market.

Hey, way to make the most of the situation, New York.
*Clean energy from wastewater. The irony makes me laugh.