ELS Executive Board nominations due Friday, April 1st- We Need Candidates!

In less than three semesters, the Environmental Law Society of New York Law School has gone from a non-existant, dormant Society to one with over 80 members! We have hosted public speakers, screened environmental documentaries, participated in community service and research projects, and successfully petitioned the NYLS administration to add more environmental law courses to our curriculum.

This is because our Members care and so does our Executive Board. Now its your chance to step up!

If you would like to run for an E-Board position, please submit a "STATEMENT OF INTEREST" to Jose Almanzar (jose.almanzar@law.nyls.eduBY FRIDAY, APRIL 1ST, 11:59PM. The Statement should include: your name, your current year at NYLS and a brief statement (1-2 para.) expressing your interest in one of the positions and why you are qualified for that position.

Electronic elections will be held the following week from April 8th - April 9th.

Below please find a description of each position and its responsibilities. If you have any questions, please contact Jose Almanzar (jose.almanzar@law.nyls.edu). Thank you!

The President shall be the chief executive officer for ELS; set agendas and preside over all ELS meetings; make executive decisions in the interests of ELS; delegate duties to other Executive Board members as necessary in the interest of ELS.

The Vice-President shall assist and support the President in running the ELS; preside over ELS meetings in the absence of the President; succeed the President in the event the President is no longer able to fulfill duties of the office.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial accountability of ELS; along with the President, be the sole liaison between ELS and NYLS staff regarding financial matters; assist and support the President, as needed, in the interest of ELS.

The Secretary shall maintain a written record of all Executive Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings; be responsible for communicating events, news and updates to ELS members; be responsible for maintaining and regularly updating the ELS blog, Ecojurist, and the ELS Facebook page; assist and support the President, as needed, in the interest of ELS.

Marketing Officer
The Marketing Officer shall be responsible for creating all flyers and marketing content for ELS; assist the Secretary in maintaining and regularly updating the ELS blog and Facebook page; assist and support the President, as needed, in the interest of ELS.



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