EPA Announces It Will Establish Fracking Wastewater Guidelines

At least we're moving in the right direction. 

Yesterday, the EPA announced in a press release that it will establish wastewater standards for discharges from the natural gas production process. That's the good of it.
The bad? EPA will not be accepting public comment until 2013 and a Proposed Rule is scheduled for sometime in 2014.

I expect the next 3 years to be a frenzy of some sort from natural gas producers. Expect heavy lobbying from the natural gas industry and a smearing campaign against the EPA. 

The truth is that the stuff coming back from the ground is worse than what's going in. This is because the voluminous concoction of chemicals, water and sand used in the exploration process act as catalyst in transporting heavy metals and radioactive material to the surface. That  stuff can't be good. 

These regulations are long over-due. More is still needed.